Be Safe

Boliden Group’s common safety symbol is communicating how important safety is for us and that we have a goal for zero accidents. With the symbol we encourage all employees and visitors, in all situations, to think about their own and others’ safety.

The symbol is the only safety symbol allowed and replaces all of the previously symbols/slogans. It is a strong and obvious signal for our safety work. It helps the recipient to quickly understand the meaning. It is also easy to perceive the sender, as the B in the symbol is linked to Boliden’s logo.

The symbol is available two versions for different uses. Primarily, the dark version is used. The safety symbol is a specially created image that may not be changed or modified.


Since the symbol creates a word image, that is easy to pronounce and to write in text, it becomes a motto. In text we treat the motto as a proper name, that is, with initial capital letters: Be Safe.

Where appropriate, we write it in bold: Be Safe. However, use this in moderation and only the first time it is used in a text. When the motto is written several times in a text, the rest should be written in regular font: Be Safe.


The primarily use of the symbol is for safety signs. But stickers could be used for instance on mobil phones or on helmets.

By carrying a sticker you certify that you will always:

  • follow Boliden’s safety policies, guidelines and instructions
  • share Boliden’s overall safety aspirations


The symbol could be used on its own or together with other safety symbols. The symbol is preferred placed on the left. It could also appear together with Boliden’s logo, if so they should be placed on either side, with the symbol on the left and the logo on the right.