How to use the Boliden company name

A unified naming procedure strengthens the Boliden brand in all markets, countries and contexts. These instructions are mandatory and also apply in local languages.

Name instructions

Use the Boliden Group or Boliden.

Boliden Mines

  • Boliden Area
  • Boliden Aitik
  • Boliden Garpenberg
  • Boliden Tara
  • Boliden Kylylahti
  • Boliden Kevitsa

Boliden Smelters

  • Boliden Rönnskär
  • Boliden Bergsöe
  • Boliden Odda
  • Boliden Kokkola
  • Boliden Harjavalta

For Group functions

  • The Boliden Group or Boliden [Function Name]

For staff functions in business areas

  • Boliden Mines [Function Name]
  • Boliden Smelters [Function Name]

For commercial functions

  • – Boliden Smelters [Function/Department Name]
    Except Boliden Mines Concentrate Sales

Legal names

Legal names should only be used when required by law or regulations, e.g. in contracts. Generally, Boliden is referred to as Boliden or the Boliden Group or, if a more specific name is required, Boliden Mines or Boliden Smelters. Never use Boliden Mineral AB, unless this name is required for contractual reasons.

  • Example 1: Boliden in Kokkola is known as Boliden Kokkola and never as Boliden Kokkola Oy, unless this name is required for contractual reasons.
  • Example 2: Boliden Commercial AB should not be used (in the absence of contractual reasons). People working in Sales should identify themselves as Boliden Smelters, Sales.

Business cards

Neither the legal company names, nor the term “Business Area” should appear on business cards.

  • Example 1: In Harjavalta:
    Boliden Harjavalta
  • Example 2: In Ireland:
    Boliden Tara
  • Example 3: For staff in Group Procurement:
    Boliden Group or Boliden Group Procurement
  • Example 4: For staff in the Renström Mine:
    Boliden Area or Boliden Area Renström Mine
  • Example 5: For exploration staff within BA Mines:
    Bolide Mines or Boliden Mines Exploration